The Storeroom of Sho-chu on the first basement level

The Storeroom of Sho-chu on the first basement level, “Sa-Zo”
Ayuno-sato has collected about 170 kinds from all 28 local Kuma-Shochu distilleries and 1100 bottles of them, as we would like to tell as many people as possible what a good taste the Kuma- Shochu in Hitoyoshi with 500 hundreds of history to be boasted is. Also, in front of the storeroom, we set up a section where you can taste the Ayuno-sato’s carefully selecting ones. Please enjoy comparing some kinds of Kuma-Shochu you choose during dinner.

The history and origin of Kuma-Shochu

Sho-chu is said to be introduced to Kuma district, Hitoyoshi, in the Sengoku Period (the warring states period) which was about 500 years ago and when Mr. Sagara, one of Daimyos (warlords), controlled Yatsushiro (a southern part of Kumamoto) and carried on international trade. The advantage of Kuma-Shochu is its rich flavor and aroma produced by rice, pure water and the climate in Hitoyoshi, and the proud old-style way of distillation.
This can be made in nowhere but Hitoyoshi with outstanding natural beauty, and the exceptional aroma spread out all over your mouth when you drink it.

Kinds of Kuma-Shochu

Kuma-Shochu is a generic term roughly divided into six kinds for the following. It has reached the taste today through both conserving its traditional old taste and improving its flavor repeatedly and carefully in each period. You must find your favorite one.

What is the barrel-aged Scho-chu?

It is a kind of Sho-chu put colorless and transparent Sho-chu after distilled into brandy or sherry butts, and matured.
The long-term barrel-aging is expected great effect of maturity.

What is the atmospherically distilled Sho-chu?

This kind of Sho-chu is featured its thick flavor drawn from the old-style distilling way.
The long-term barrel-aging is expected great effect of maturity.

What is the potato and wheat Sho-chu in Kuma, Hitoyoshi?

Kuma-Shochu is originally made from rice. Yet, its manufacturing high technique enables the Sho-chu to be made from potatoes and wheat.

What is the vacuum distilled Sho-chu?

This kind of Sho-chu is made by the way of distillation under reduced pressure and distilled fermentation mash with low temperature. Its texture is silkier than that of the atmospherically distilled Sho-chu, and it has been a main stream of the Sho-chu industry since it became popular among young people.

What is the Ginko-Shochu?

This is a type of Sho-chu with strong aroma made from rice for “sake” or “sake yeast.”
It is recommended to those who love sake or those who prefer to sharpness in taste.

Tasting section

Ayuno-sato has a tasting section so that guests can enjoy tasting Kuma-Shochu that our owner has carefully selected and he is proud of. Please compare some recommended and selected Kuma-Shochu by tasting in the calm atmosphere.