The wine cellar is collected careful selected wines in the world on the first basement level

Ayuno-sato’s wine cellar has local wines made in many countries in the world, not well-known but excellent wine bought directly from producers, popular wines often drunk on a daily basis, and so on.
Of course, there are a bunch of reasonable wines, house wines and table (daily) wines here.

Principal origins of wine

Wine is produced in many countries and places all over the world. Depending on the climates and soilsof the origins, or the way how to produce, we can enjoy its wide variety of taste. Wine is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world and enjoyed not only on celebrating special occasions but also as a part of our daily lives.

The Mediterranean region in France

Producing local wines are flourishing in Provence region, a resort of southeastern France, and people drink it in their daily lives. This wine is what you should drink without being careful too much and just would like to enjoy early in the afternoon.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a district which is produced the highest quality wine in the world. It is enriched its depth of taste by blending some kinds of grapes, and famous for aging wine for a long time. It is often opened to celebrate for some special occasions.


As German grape fields are generally located on a cooler region, white wine is more suitable than red wine for producing. The climate makes the wine unique, sweet and sour. Dry wine is more popular in Germany.

Other European countries

Uncommon sorts of grapes used only in each region are grown, thanks for its warm and mild climates and the fertile soils. Many unfamiliar but excellent wines are made in the bustling producing areas.

The South American countries

The warm and dry climate and the irrigation water come from thawed snow of the Andes allow the countries to grow tasty grapes. Also, there is an advantage of less cost needed to produce them for the nationsthan for the others.


Although Australia had mainly produced inexpensive daily-consuming wine for exports, in recent years it has been a center of attention in the world as a producing country that has the great increasing amount of high-quality wine as well. Also, it has proactively tackled the environmental problems, so it quickly adopted screw caps instead of corks, for example.

Sparkling wine

Champagne is the name of a sparkling wine produced in Champagne region, France. Also, sparkling wine has different names depending on its produced states, such as “Vin Mousseux” in French and “Sekt” in German. It is preferred to drink for some celebrating occasions.

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