Recommended ways to spend time in Ayuno-sato, Hitoyoshi 【for families and couples】

Viewing the Hitoyoshi basin through windows of train

Why don’t you ride on the tourist train and enjoy the landscape of the Hitoyoshi basin viewed from the window?

The Kuma-gawa railroad DEN-EN Symphony

DEN-EN Symphony

The Kuma-Gawa railroad, a local railroad run through the rural farming area, has begun a new service of a nice train.
It is both a commuter train in the morning and evening and a tourist train during the daytime, which make passengers’ heart the warmest in Japan.
There is a treat at one of the stations, and it is a service changed every time you get on.
In addition, as you are given a ticket for some souvenirs, please pass it to the stuff, “Omotenashi-tai.”
You will see what you can get at the time!

  • Reservation on board necessary
    Phone #:+81-966-23-5011
  • Accepting hours of Reservation 10:00-17:00