Additional dishes for groups

※ Please make a reservation by the day before stay.
※ We cannot take an order on the day of stay.
※ Some dishes occasionally cannot be served, depending on availability of ingredients at the time.
※ Depending on how many servings you order, the amount of cooking and its dish are arranged.
※ Please ask us how much the charge is.

Assorted Otsukuri, sliced fresh raw fish of the sea and the river.

We assort “Otsukuri” made of sea and river fish. It can be served with either sea fish or river fish you prefer, and arranged depending on the number of people.
※Ingredients and dishes are altered depending on seasons or market’s situations.

Salt-Grilled Prawn

Prawns are grilled with salt.
(5 orders minimum)
※This photo is a simulation.

Grilled Abalone with source made from its liver

Abalone and source made from its liver are grilled together.
(The photo as shown is one serving.)
※This photo is a simulation.