The new guest room was remodeled in 2012. It is equipped with wide windows through which you can see the “Kuma-gawa river” and “the ruins of Hitoyoshi Castle. Also, we are so particular about details of its inner modern Japanese design such as using lightning that enhances wooden warmth, by which you can unwind wholeheartedly.
What you can enjoy to see through the wide windows is the flow of one of the three rapidest streams in Japan – the Kuma-gawa river, the historic ruins of Hitoyoshi Castle across the river, and further range of mountains in the southern Kyushu. In this room, we have “modern Japanese” sophisticated designed furnishings. Also, here, it is remarkable that you can be the nearest from the river and observe its real power, because it is on the lower floor.

  • Size

    Eight to ten tatami size room (there are slight differences in size depending on a room)

  • The number of people accommodated

    Two to four people (there are slight differences in size depending on a room)

  • bathroom

    fixed.※No hot spring bath

  • Place to eat

    Dinner: we will show you the place on the day you stay
    Breakfast: buffet at the dining hall / Japanese and western foods

※ The photo is an example.