The Night Spots near Ayuno-sato

Japanese Heritages: Kuma-Hitoyoshi

Visiting many historical sites designated Japanese Heritages

Kuma-Hitoyoshi region was dominated by Mr. Sagara, and it is rare nationwide that one family successively governed from Kamakura to Meiji era, for about 700 years.
While Mr. Sagara respected democratic cultures such as “Un-Sun-Karuta” and Kuma-Shochu, he brought new techniques of architectural styles in a metropolitan into shrines and temples. Many shrines, temples, and Buddhist statues with historical and cultural high value importantly inherited as subjects of worship.
The cultural properties, customs, and successive narratives associated with the regional history inherited during the 700 years of Mr.Sagara was designed Japanese Heritages as one of attractions of Japanese culture and tradition.

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