There are spectacular views over the waters of the Kuma River and surrounding river basin.
The Aso Shrine, a national treasure, stands nearby, and on the opposite bank, you can find the ruins of Hitoyoshi Castle, home to the Sagara clan, the daimyo lords who presided over these lands for nearly 700 years beginning in the 12th century, a powerful local symbol of culture and history.
It is here where it all began for us, when Harukichi Arimura fell in love with this special place and founded the small hot spring inn called Ayusato Ryokan.

Arimura delved deep into the gentle warm waters of Ayusato Gensen to found this inn’s hot springs, including the open-air baths known as “Tenku no Yu” (heaven-ward gazing baths) where you can become one with nature.
We prepare food using of the sweet local ayu fish as well as seasonal local produce. Kuma Shochu tempts you into its world with one delicious cupful, then another.
This place is designed in a Japanese modern style to foster peace of mind and a deep sleep alongside the calming pulse of nature.

Ever since we were first established, we have prioritized healing the spirits and indulging the hearts of our guests.

Hitoyoshi-Kuma is said to be one of the most blessed hidden gems in Japan, protected with care over 700 years by the Sagara clan, and so it possesses many riches than have been inherited and refined.

We hope you can experience the attraction and value of this place to the depths of your heart’s content.


In order to make this hope a reality, all our staff members work as Hitoyoshi Concierge, striving to provide the best service in Japan with our superior Hitoyoshi hospitality.

We do all of this to put the “kichi” (joy, satisfaction, happiness) in Hitoyoshi for every person (hito). who visits us here to create people who love Hitoyoshi all over the world.