• Dining place Sakura” on the second floor

Dining place SAKURAon the second floor

In this dining place, you can enjoy both mother nature’s gifts in Hitoyoshi and local Shochu that have not been filtered or added any water to after brewed.

We fully welcome you with a treat only at Ayuno-sato, variety of dishes and the ways to serve them.
The theme of its décor: “Wa-yu Wa-raku,” playing with Japan and enjoying Japan
We used things with texture made in Belgium and looked for by upholsterers in Takashima-ya.
Fabric for the sofa: Included in its motif is “Namako-kabe wall,” covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster, as associated with a part of the restaurant’s name, “Kura”
Chairs: they are imaged the flow of Kuma-gawa river.