The Open-Air Big Bath on the third floor, The Bath with View of Mountain Ranges

~The Big Bath Viewing Beautiful Mountain Ranges and Kuma-gawa River~

You can enjoy viewing the range of mountains in southern Kyushu from the baths placed at the ideal level of height to see them. This open-air baths have a Japanese cypress bath and a rocky bath.

This, the Bath with View of Mountain Ranges, is Sukiya-zukuri style, which is one of the Japanese traditional building designs originally used for a tea ceremony in particular.

山並みの湯 露天風呂
  • Business Hours
    Female 11:00~24:00 / Male 5:30~10:00 (the system alternately changed men and women)
  • Equipments
    ■Indoor bath ■Open-Air bath ■Sauna
  • Quality of the hot spring water
    sodium――chloride ・ hydrogen carbonate spring( hypotonic,  alkalescent, high temperature water)
  • Effects
    neuralgia,muscle pains,joint pains, frozen shoulde, paralysis/ paresis,stiffness of joint,bruise, sprain,chronic digestive diseases, poor circulation, recovery from exhaustion,cut, chronic skin diseases, arteriosclerosis etc.
    For guests with only bathing
    Business Hours: 11:00~14:00
    Charge for use: adult: 800 yen child: 400 yen (advance payment at the front desk)