Sky Terrace KUMAGAWA


There are spectacular views over the waters of the Kuma River and surrounding river basin.
The Aso Shrine, a national treasure, stands nearby, and on the opposite bank, you can find the ruins of Hitoyoshi Castle, home to the Sagara clan, the daimyo lords who presided over these lands for nearly 700 years beginning in the 12th century, a powerful local symbol of culture and history.
Hitoyoshi-Kuma is said to be one of the most blessed hidden gems in Japan, protected with care over 700 years by the Sagara clan, and so it possesses many riches than have been inherited and refined.
We hope you can experience the attraction and value of this place to the depths of your heart’s content.

A wide-open terrace with
the view to the gorgeous
Hitoyoshi basin

~Refresh your mind and body with morning yoga on the terrace under the sky in Hitoyoshi’s refuge~

The Rusie Dutton morning yoga at “Yoga de Retreat” takes full advantage of our beautiful natural location!
Yoga in the magical morning mists of autumn and cool dawns of summer is particularly unique to Hitoyoshi!
Feel the pulse of nature up close and take time to unwind and focus to refresh your mind and body…

Yoga de Retreat