The Shop

“The Shop” has a wide selection of Hitoyoshi Kuma’s specialties and recommended gems under the theme of “Everyday, Hitoyoshi Kuma’s product exhibition”. Please enjoy it.

~ The Gifts of Kuma-Hitoyoshi ~

●The specialty of Hitoyoshi, “Ayu (weetfish)”
Ayu is the specialty of Kuma-gawa river, one of the three rapidest streams in Japan. It is the most famous gift in Hitoyoshi, and also has many kinds that have been processed, such as “Kanroni (boiled and seasoned ),”“Nama-hoshi (lightly-salted and semi-dried),” and “Uruka (used its organs).”

It is a kind of miso blended rice-miso and wheat-miso. The one of the oldest miso stores in Japan established in 1902 is proud of it. We, Ayuno-sato, use it for miso-soup as well.

“Yamauni-tofu” is a traditional preserved food in Itsuki village, Kuma district. It is very thick and soft, and has flavor like a seasoned sea-urchin eggs.

●The Yogurt which is a Blessing of Kuma
The Yougurt is made from milk produced in Kuma, characterized by its very creamy texture, and suits such as fruits well.

●The goods of “Natsume-Yujin-Cho”
The Japanese popular anime, “Natsume-Yujin-Cho” is known that scenery in it is based on that of Kuma-Hitoyoshi.

●“Kuji-Uma” / “Hana-Tebako”
“Kuji-Uma” and “Hana-Tebako” are a traditional craft in Kuma-Hitoyoshi. Each of them is handmade and lets you fell the warmth of woods.

“Kuro-Bo” is a local and traditional very popular snack. Its baked dough is coated with row sugar, and its characteristic is the crisp texture.

“Hoku-HokuHna-Mame” is sold only in “Ayuno-sato” in Kumamoto. This is one of the most popular products.

The assembly of Okami working for a Hitoyoshi hot spring hotel has produced the Kuma-Shochu. It is very easy to drink even if it is neat or blended.

The miso originated by Ayuno-sato, “Okami’sChikara-miso,”is perfectly suite rice in taste. It is still more delicious to dip fresh vegetables in it or to fry any ingredients with it.

●Coffee Liquor “Kuroro”
The coffee liquor is produced by Ayuno-sato. We carefully select the one out of the 300 kinds of prototypes we have made by putting coffee beans into Kuma-Shochu and maturing it.

●“Tenugui” originated by Ayuno-sato
The “tenugui (Japanese hand towel made of 100% cotton)” was designed by an old tenugui shop in Kyoto, “Enraku-ya,” and it pleases guests as a souvenir or for the memory of trip. There are two designs: one is named “En” (the picture above) after the word “circle” and “relationship” in Japanese, because both of them have same pronunciation “En.” The other is named “Wa” (the picture below) because of its plain traditional Japanese style.