Create colorful travel memories
through discovering unforgettable new food

Travel and food—they’re inseparable.
Just like the beauty of the scenery and the kindness of the people you meet, the food you eat in a special place lives long and strong in the memory.
Here in the Hitoyoshi-Kuma region, we are fortunate to live in this rich natural setting surrounded by mountains, where as the scenery varies from moment to moment, the seasons are ever changing day by day.
We have the chef who are incredibly well versed in available local ingredients and use their culinary talents to put the finest local specialties on your table that can only be tasted here.
We work with all our heart to make this a special time so that you can create colorful travel memories during your stay with us.

Our Chef Commitment

To show our guests true hospitality through meals prepared
with great care by chef

Wide happy smiles. We want to see our customers with smiles on their faces after tasting our food.
This is what our chef keeps in mind each day as he enter the kitchen.
A wealth of natural ingredients nurtured in the rivers and soil of Hitoyoshi-Kuma emerge raw, grilled, or steamed.
Our chef has the knowledge and the skill to get the most out of each delicious ingredient.
Come enjoy Japanese-kaiseki prepared by our master chef.

Hitoyoshi-Kuma is a region where is rich in natural and agricultural produce such as ayu fish, vegetables, and especially mushrooms.
We do tests of all ingredients ourselves to select only the best for our customers to enjoy.
Please come and take joy in the unique gourmet of Ayunosato.

Kenichi Kurihara, born in Kagoshima.

Began his culinary career at the age of 17 and polished his craft in hotels in Kumamoto and Kagoshima.

About cuisine and ingredients

Flavors arising from deep knowledge of the land
and its produce, the now of Hitoyoshi-Kuma

In 2021, Ayunosato’s head masters re-evaluated all of the dishes serving, starting with an exploration of the food of Hitoyoshi-Kuma region.
Our chefs specializing in Japanese and Western cuisine visited primary producers of local ingredients as well as local markets.
The rich and diverse taste of the food in Hitoyoshi-Kuma surpassed all expectations.
We are honored to be the part of big community and represent to our customers the true taste of Hitoyoushi Kuma region trough serving unique kaiseki dishes using local produce.

For example, we have the corn called “gold rush” in summer and characterized by its vivid yellow color and powerful sweet taste.
For corn, freshness is everything, and so if it is locally produced, it can be cooked sooner, without losing its flavor.
A chilled soup that pours so smoothly with outstanding sweet flavor is the perfect complement to a hot feast.
As per its name, the silk-sweet potato of winter possesses a silky smooth texture, so we steam it to maximize its sweet flavors and carefully strain it to make hot gratin.
Because we want our customers to be healthy as well as satisfied, we also actively incorporate highly nutritious ingredients such as beets and oyster mushrooms.

Because the seasons for natural ingredients from the mountains can change in a matter of days, the contents of the dishes we serve vary depending on season, weather, and harvest conditions.
Therefore, we ask you to check out our “Dishes of the Month” for reference. No matter the time of year, we prepare the food you feel best about the time.
Please come enjoy the delicious flavors of Hitoyoshi-Kuma as they happen in the precious moment here and now.


We can also prepare halal and vegan meals.

At Ayunosato, we can also prepare for special dishes in case of allergies as well as halal and vegan diets.
Please inform us of your dietary requirements when making your reservation.

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