A place to enjoy Hitoyoshi-Kuma’s the-world-class shochu, Kuma Shochu (liquor, usually 18-25% alcohol)



We have set up a special Kuma Shochu Lounge where we hope that our guests coming to Hitoyoshi can taste Kuma Shochu and learn about the tradition and culture that has nurtured this world-class product in order to spread it as broadly as possible.

About Kuma-Shochu

“Kumashochu” is one of the authentic shochu brands whose production area has been recognized. In 1995, the rice-based shochu made in Hitoyoshi Kuma was officially designated as “Kuma Shochu” by the National Tax Agency, which was designated as a production area for geographical indications. The commitment to good quality rice and water has pushed Kumashochu into a world-famous liquor that is on par with cognac and Bordeaux wine.

The 27 kuramotos in the Hitoyoshi Kuma area have multiple unique brands, all of which boast more than 200 brands. It is characterized by its rich aroma and deep richness, creating a wide variety of flavors.

It is a shochu that goes well with meals and goes well with any dish, Japanese or Western. As an apéritif that invites appetite, you can enjoy it with hot water, straight, rock, etc. according to your meal. In addition, rice shochu has the function of increasing the enzyme that dissolves blood clots, making it a delicious and body-friendly liquor.

Types of Kumashochu

KUMASHOCHUCommonly known decompression
KUMASHOCHU CLASSICNormal pressure of old-fashioned manufacturing method
KUMASHOCHU RESERVEAged for a long time
KUMASHOCHU GRAND CRUBy local rice, such as terraced rice paddies

You can purchase the product of the shochu storehouse at the shop in this KUMA-SHOCHU Lounge.