The Bar Yuba-gawa on the first floor

The bar “Yuba-gawa” features to drink original cocktails based on a special product of Hitoyoshi-Kuma district, “Kuma-Shochu” (Shochu is Japanese distilled liquor made from rice, wheat, or sweet potatos. In a nice atmosphere of the bar, why don’t you enjoy the original cocktails with rich taste and flavor of Kuma-Shochu elaborately brewed by craftsperson in Kuma.


[Open Hours]
20:00~24:00(Last Call at 23:30)
Enter from the lounge “Amano-gawa (the Milky Way)” on the first floor and just on your right.


What is the CocktailwithHitoyoshi Hot Spring Water?

This cocktail has various kinds made with Kuma-Shochu and Hitoyoshi hot spring water. Fruits grown in the southern part of prefecture or other liqueurs are added into it, so that even ladies come to drink easily.At the front door, you cantaste the hot spring water itself, which isdirectly come from its source possessed by“Seiryu-San-sui-kaAyuno-Sato in Hitoyoshi.”In the in-house bar, the cocktail with hot spring water must entertain you as well. Underthe guidance of Kumamoto Prefectural University,this cocktail has been developed as a drink promoting beauty and better health, and even ladies are easy to drink it. Please enjoy the original cocktail only in Hitoyoshi.

The Young Master’s Committed Cocktail with Hitoyoshi Hot Spring Water (Name of the cocktail: Materiales)

Our young master originated the cocktail by bringing out the flavor of ingredients in Kumamoto and Hitoyoshi-Kuma district. The theme of it is health, and tomatoes produced in Kumamoto, which record the top amount of production in Japan, basil grown in Hitoyoshi-Kuma district, and raw sugar are blended in it. This is absolutely the young master’s best cocktail taken full advantage of those tastes. Although its name is still a plan, “Materiales” means “ingredients” in Spanish. He also thinks two ways to make it as well as to enjoy it.
(※We thank for your understanding in advance in case that we cannotprovide the cocktail, depending on arrival situations of ingredients,.)