Ayuno-sato’s Source of Natural Hot Spring

Hitoyoshi natural hot springs have long history. For instance, there is a record that Tametsugu Sagara, who was one of Daimyos (warlords) and dominated Higo province (located Kumamoto prefecture today) in the Muromachi and Warring States Period, bathed in 1492. This hot spring has a long history of over 500 years.

As 70 years had passed since the first foundation, we excavated the source of hot spring again. All hot spring water used in our hotel comes from Ayuno-sato’s source.

Drinkable hot spring water by the front door on the first floor

Ayuno-sato provides guests with drinkable hot spring water that only our hotel possessing own source has and that is medically permitted.

Drinking hot spring water, depending on its quality though, is said to affect on chronic constipation, obesity, chronic digestive diseases, diabetes, and so on. The most recommended way to drink is to drink it about an hour before a meal. Especially, it is encouraged for women who are concerned about their chronic constipation and skin problems. Yet, although it is healthy, you must not drink it too much. You are supposed to be allowed drinking it up to 100ml to 200ml at a time, and up to 200ml to 1,000ml a day.

Also, drinking hot spring water should be avoided between after dinner and before going to bed.

Also, we enshrine Japanese guardian gods of the hot springs, “Omuna-no-Mikoto” and “Sukunahiko-no-Mikoto” by the front door, appreciating for opening our own source here and our continuous flourishing as a hot spring hotel.

※The place you can drink hot spring water is limited― only the section by the front door on the first floor. Anywhere else such as the big baths, you are not allowed to drink the water.

Guardian gods of the hot springs: “Omuna-no-Mikoto” and “Sukunahiko-no-Mikoto”

The Foot-Bathing Takeakari-no-Ashiyu next to the front door, on the first floor

Ayuno-sato provides guests with drinkable hot spring water that only our hotel possessing own source has and that is medically permitted.

Whole-body bathing consumes your energy and makes you tired. On the contrary, so-called “Ashiyu,” which is one of the bathing ways you put only your feet into hot springs, or foot-bathing, is less burdens on you organs, and allows you to soak for a long time. Warming your feet also promotes the circulation of your whole body. This way is expected great effects on poor circulation, insomnia, low blood pressure, preventing form having colds, stiff body muscles due to coldness, fatigue, tiredness, swelling, numbness, and so forth.

We equip footbaths filled with 100% natural hot spring water directly from the source, and it flows through the bathtub without recycling. This natural hot spring water is not only relieving your tiredness but also be able to be drunk. We are sure that you also must feel refreshed from your inner body.

The Big Bath with Viewing the Ruin of Hitoyoshi Castle


The Open-air Big Bath, Kura-no-Yudono

The Open-Air Big Bath with Storehouse-like Atmosphere, “Kura-no-Yudono”

蔵の湯 露天風呂

The Open-Air Big Bath, The Bath with View of Mountain Ranges

”Yamanami-no-Yu,” with beautiful mountain ranges and Kuma-gawa river views

山並みの湯 露天風呂
List of Composition (for drinkable hot spring water, Part 1)
1.Location (of the source of hot spring): 32-3 Kokonoka-cho, Hitoyoshi-city, Kumamoto-prefecture
2.Quality     :sodium――chloride ・ hydrogen carbonate spring( hypotonic,  alkalescent, high temperature water)
3.Temperature  :51.3℃
4.Composition :as the following
  Analyzed on September 30th, 2016
The total amount of dissociated composition1596mg/kg
Cation mg/kg mval mval% Anion mg/kg mvel mvel
Lithium 0.3 0.04 0.19 Fluoride 2.3 0.12 0.54
Sodium 456.4 19.85 91.98 Chloride 323.6 9.13 41.41
Potassium 48.1 1.23 5.70 Bromide 1.0 0.01 0.05
Magnesium 1.0 0.08 0.37 Hydrogen Sulfied 0.3 0.01 0.05
Calsium 7.5 0.37 1.71 Sulfuric Acid 92.2 1.92 8.71
Strontium 0.1 0.00 0.00 Sulfuric Acid 0.2 0.00 0.00
Iron II 0.4 0.01 0.05 Bicarbonate 662.5 10.68 49.25
Total amount of Cation 513.8 21.58 100.00 (Total amount of Anion 1082 22.05 100.00
Free Composition
Undissociated Composition mg/kg mmol/kg Composition of Dissolved Gas mg/kg mmol/kg Radon Content 2.46×10 CI/kg
Radon concentration 0.81M・E/kg pH7.92(25.0℃)
Metasilicate 181.3 2.32 Free Carbon Dioxide 35.2 0.80
Metaborate 15.6 0.36 Free Hydrogen Sulfied
Total amount of Undissociated Composition 196.9 2.68 Total amount of Dissolved Gas 35.2 0.80
  Total amount of Dissolved Substance 1793mg/kg
  Total amount of Composition 1828mg/kg
Other trace composition Barium 0.04mg/kg
Manganese 0.03mg/kg
Hydroxide 0.01mg/kg
Free Salfated Hydrogen 0.04mg/kg
Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, Lead, each Ion of Thiosulfate, any Arsenic and any Mercury are not detected.
  Analyzed on September 30th, 2016
List of Composition (for drinkable hot spring water, Part 2)
1.Contraindicated diseases: none
2.Adaptable diseases: Atrophic gastritis, constipation, stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, diabetes, hyperuricemia (gout)
3.How to drink and Attention
(1)Guidance by a doctor with specialized knowledge is necessary for treatment by drinking hot spring water. Also, those who take medicine to treat some health problems must consult a doctor in charge.
(2)In principal, people under 15 years old are not supposed to drink hot spring water. However, drinking it under guidance of the specialist is an exception.
(3)Drink fresh hot spring water directly come from the source at an arranged place.
(4)The amount of drinking is up to about 100 to 150ml at a time and up to about 200 to 500ml a day in general.
(5)Use your own cup or a disposable cup put there for drinking.
(6)It is expected to drink hot spring water 30 minutes before a meal.
(7)Do not bring hot spring water back home from its section for drinking.
(8)Be careful with pulmonary aspiration, when you drink.
(※)Pulmonary aspiration is the act mistakenly inhaling liquid into lungs or the windpipes by gargling or drinking something in a hurry.
People who suffer from dysphagia must not drink hot spring water.
Extract from the list of composition offered by the Hitoyoshi health center in Kumamoto prefecture, on September 5th, 2017