Takeakari-no-Ashiyu at the lobby on the first floor

~Soothing Foot-bathing for your tired feet and mind~


Whole-body bathing consumes your energy and makes you tired. On the contrary, so-called “Ashiyu,” which is one of the bathing ways you put only your feet into hot springs, or foot-bathing, is less burdens on you organs, and allows you to soak for a long time. Warming your feet also promotes the circulation of your whole body. This way is expected great effects on poor circulation, insomnia, low blood pressure, preventing form having colds, stiff body muscles due to coldness, fatigue, tiredness, swelling, numbness, and so forth.

Takeakari-no-Ashiyu is a foot-bathing facility that anybody including non-staying guests can use for free. Please feel free to use it and a towel we prepare for you after having a meal or taking a walk. The comfortable foot-bathing and surrounding calm atmosphere make you soothe your body and mind.

”Takeakari-no-Ashiyu” at the lobby on the first floor

About Takeakari-no-AshiYu

  • Business hours
    Unitl 22:00
  • Equipments
    Free rental towel (put by the bath)
  • Quality of the hot spring water
    sodium――chloride ・ hydrogen carbonate spring( hypotonic,  alkalescent, high temperature water)
  • Effects
    neuralgia,muscle pains,joint pains, frozen shoulde, paralysis/ paresis,stiffness of joint,bruise, sprain,chronic digestive diseases, poor circulation, recovery from exhaustion,cut, chronic skin diseases, arteriosclerosis etc.