The Open-air Big Bath on the fifth floor Kura-no-Yudono

Japanese Storehouse-like Open-Air Big Bath, “Kura-no-Yudono”

There are spreading views of the ruin of Hitoyoshi Castle and a clear stream, Kuma-gawa river, in front of the big bath. You can enjoy its unique atmosphere with the views. Would you like to relax in the big bath designed like a Japanese traditional storehouse and with the beautiful scenery?

This “Kura-no-Yudono” is nearly reproduced the wall of Hitoyoshi Castle, and we are proud of three kinds of bathtub that you can have a good time yourselves while in bath. The quality of its water is hydrogen carbonate spring that effects on your skin to be beautiful, and also it becomes moisturized and very smooth.

  • Business Hours
    Male 11:00~24:00 / Female 5:30~10:00 (the system alternately changed men and women)
  • Equipments
    ■Indoor bath ■Open-Air bath ■Sauna ■Pottery-made bath ■Lying bath
  • Quality of hot spring water
    sodium――chloride ・ hydrogen carbonate spring( hypotonic,  alkalescent, high temperature water)
  • Effects
    neuralgia,muscle pains,joint pains, frozen shoulde, paralysis/ paresis,stiffness of joint,bruise, sprain,chronic digestive diseases, poor circulation, recovery from exhaustion,cut, chronic skin diseases, arteriosclerosis etc.
  • For guests with only bathing
    Business Hours: 11:00~14:00
    Charge for use: adult: 800 yen child: 400 yen (advance payment at the front desk)
蔵の湯 露天風呂