• Barrier-Free Deluxe Twin Room

There is only one deluxe twin room in our hotel with universal design. All doors in this room are sliding ones, and there is only a slight uneven pavement into the back room with a wooden floor. Also, the restroom and the inner bath are fully equipped with handrails.
This, so-called “the universal designed room,” is the most gorgeous one in Ayunosato. It is on the fourth floor and on the side of the “Kuma-gawa river,” which is one of the three rapidest streams in Japan. In addition, it is easy to get from the room to open-air big bathes on the third and the fifth floor, and to each elevator.
Moreover, this type of room has handrails in the bathroom, sliding doors everywhere, and almost no uneven pavements but at the back room with a wooden floor, so that it makes those who use a wheelchair easy to get out of it.
This accessible guest room is recommended to seniors or those who hardly get around or who use a wheelchair.

  • Size
    the universal designed twin room(48㎡)
  • The number of people accommodated
    one or two people
  • bathroom
    fixed. ※No hot spring bath.
  • Place to eat
    Dinner: at a high-class Japanese restaurant “Saryo Sagara-Hana-Koji,” or at a Japanese restaurant
    Breakfast: buffet at the dining hall / Japanese and western foods

※ The photo is an example.