• Western-Style Room (single or twin room)

Western-Style Room (single or twin room)

This is a western-style room (equipped with a single or a double bed). You can enjoy the view of Hitoyoshi city and mountains of Kumamoto. It is recommended for business person needing one night stay with breakfast, or those who would like to save expenses by reasonable hotel rates to stay.

This type of rooms is on the fourth to sixth floor and faces the downtown.
This plan of one night stay with a breakfast is recommended for business use, to those who do not need dinner at our hotel, or to those who would like to stay reasonably.
(※ We have the plan of one night stay with two meals)

Even a single person can be welcomed. Please feel free to stay here. This western-style room has both single rooms and twin rooms.

  • Size
    Single room size or twin room size
    ※Depending on the situation how many reservations we are reserved, there can be a case we ask you to use a twin room by a person.
  • The number of people accommodated
    One or two people
  • bathroom
    fixed. ※No hot spring bath.
  • Place to eat
    Dinner( in case with two meals ): ※we will show you the place on the day you stay
    Breakfast: buffet at the dining hall / Japanese and western foods

※ The photo is an example.