You can clearly see across one of the three rapidest streams in Japan, the “Kuma-gawa river” from the window of this Japanese-style room. Please make yourself comfortable among the warmth of lightning and on pleasant Japanese traditional mats, “tatami.” You must feel ease of the tatami-mats and luxury time, which are provided only at a Japanese style hotel.
Almost all of the guest rooms in our hotel, “Ayuno-Sato,” are Japanese style. The river you can see from the window in the Japanese-style room is one of the three rapidest streams in Japan, the “Kuma-gawa river,” ranked with “ the Mogami-gawa river” in Yamagata and “the Fuji-gawa river” in Shizuoka.

  • Size
    Eight to ten tatami size room (there are slight differences in size depending on a room)
  • The number of people accommodated

    Two to five people

  • bathroom

    fixed. ※No hot spring bath.

  • Place to eat

    Dinner: at a high-class Japanese restaurant “Saryo Sagara-Hana-Koji,”
    ※If you have preference, please let us know as soon as possible.
    Breakfast: buffet at the dining hall / Japanese and western foods

※ The photo is an example.