This room finished being remodeled on July, 2012. It is located on the higher floors – on the seventh to ninth floor, so you can enjoy the view of Hitoyoshi city and the mountain ranges in Kumamoto from the modern and full Japanese-style club-like room. Again, it strongly features those wonderful views. When you open its front door, there is a window on which scenery of the natural beauty can be seen, as if it were a painting, right in front of you. When you lie down on the floor, you can see the sky of Hitoyoshi and the mountains in Kumamoto through an even larger window. We use marble for a washstand and a shower room, so that you are not seemed to be in lush green Hitoyoshi due to its overflowing high-class feel.

  • Size
    Twin room (eight to ten tatami size)
  • The number of people accommodated
    Two people
  • Bathroom
    With a toilet and a shower, no bath system
  • Place to eat
    Dinner: we will show you the place on the day you stay
    Breakfast: buffet at the dining hall / Japanese and western foods

※ The photo is an example.